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Our Three-Way System of Teaching

As long time students, teachers, and studio directors, we have discovered that the best way to train student dancers is with a combination of Private Lessons, Group Classes, and Practice Sessions. Each of these three types of training is equally important in developing good Social and Competitive Dancers.


The Private Lesson

One-on-One instruction with your key or secondary teacher. This allows you learn individually at your own pace while receiving the personalized attention you will need to look and feel great on the dance floor. We advise you to keep these lessons as close together as possible initially, so that your instructor can devote most of his or her time to introducing you to new material, rather than spending this valuable time in review.


The Group Class

One instructor, Several students used to introduce new patterns and promote variety in steps and steppers. You will learn new figures, and learn to follow or lead different partners, which helps to develop these important skills. You also get needed repetition time outside of your private lesson. Classes also help to develop good balance and controlled movement. Dancers who are referred to as "light on their feet" or "easy to lead" are certainly class goers.


Practice Sessions

Practice sessions are a blast! This is where everything you are learning from your private and group lessons comes together. learning is one thing, but using your skills in a live setting is another. You will have the opportunity to meet other dancers and practice your dancing with different people in a classy party-like atmosphere! This not only helps to develop your partnership skills, this is where you learn "floor-craft" the art of avoiding other couples on the dance floor. With today's smaller dance floors, this is a very handy skill indeed.


Wedding Program

We know the importance of perfection on the day of your wedding. Our wedding program is designed to give you the confidence, elegance, and partnership you will need to make your wedding day perfect. We'll have you moving gracefully together in just a sort amount of time. Give us a call to get started and impress your wedding party with your dance moves!



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